T. Eastwick & Associates is a retained executive search firm with a focus on outstanding talent in investment banking and capital markets. Our clients range from global investment banks to specialty boutiques. They retain us for three primary reasons:
  • They recognize that the investment they make in human capital is their only access to the markets they currently dominate or want to.
  • They recognize that human qualities and integrity are as important as revenue generation.
  • They recognize that we are vital partners in the vetting of those qualities.
The professionals at T. Eastwick & Associates are experts at finding, vetting and securing
human capital for our clients in equity, fixed income, commodities and currencies
capital markets as well as investment and strategic advisory banking.
New York: + 1 917 826 0994 | Miami: + 1 305 921 9066 | Facsimile: + 1 917 210 3609 | Email: [email protected]